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Born and raised by the sea, old enough to remember a world without internet.

I am an Italian foodie who moved to London to study. My hobbies include nerdy movies, peaking at other people's books on the Tube and trying weird food.

The other is Ginger. She likes pork ribs and lizard hunting.

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Pirates and Basil

view of Genova harbour

My hometown is Genova, a city in the North-West coast of Italy. It's a very particular place. First of all, you don't need to get a gym membership, because the mountains fall directly into the sea and everything is built up-hill. You get quite strong lungs, growing up here.

Genova is also called "La Superba" ("The Prideful") and we do have few things we can be really proud of. The city gave birth to explorers, architects and musicians. We have vast art museums, the biggest Aquarium in Italy and even a pirate ship parked in the harbour. I have always wanted to steal that one.

Yet, nothing makes people from Genova more proud than our food.

Fried anchovies, pies, fish stews, pansoti and trofie, but first and foremost pesto. The absolute king of sauces. You can find the original recipe here, although people from Genova say it is not truly pesto, unless the basil comes from a specific place in the hills of Pra.

vase of pesto with parmesan cheese and flowers
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Why a recipe blog?

There is a stereotype about Italians, that we suffer when we can't eat Italian food in foreign countries.

It's true. It's very true.

I started preparing my own packed lunches for two reasons, first because I'm a student and therefore on a budget, second because I do miss the taste of home. So since I have come up with a lot of lunch ideas, it just seemed right to share them on the internet. And Pasta & the City was born.

Italian flag colors with spaghetti