Food is music to the body,
music is food to the heart

- Gregory D. Roberts, "Shantaram"

There is a reason why Shantaram is my favourite book of all time. The story is about an Australian bank robber, who manages to escape from a maximum security prison and finds refuge in Bombay. It's about love, food, music, self discovery. It's about humanity.


Music and food have a very special connection and I often like to cook while listening to my favourite songs. It's even better when my flatmate is in the kitchen with me, because we know every Disney song and a good number of musicals by heart. If you come by our house, you can listen for most of West End without spending a dime. Still can't manage the dancing bits, though.

So I decided to share here some the best cooking playlists I found on Spotify. You will find that preparing food while listening to the right music makes it a whole new experience!

Jukebox Joint

My all-time favourite

Lost in the Woods

Breathe and unwind

Queen Best Of

Ready Freddie?